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Harvest 2020 is complete

Harvest 2020 is complete

This week marks the culmination of another year’s hard work and dedication tending to our grapes in our vineyard in Wateringbury, with our 2020 Harvest coming to a close.

Harvest at the vineyards is by no means an easy job and at times seems so at odds with the perfect simplicity of sipping a clean, crisp glass of English Sparkling wine.

It takes years of nurturing the vines in all weathers, toiling in muddy conditions and back-breaking hard work to bring about each vintage of Mereworth Wines’ elegant, award-winning sparkling wine. This paradox is never more apparent than during the frenetic time of harvest when all the effort comes to a head. There have been long days of immensely hard work, there has been mud and lots of rain (this year more so than ever), but it has all been worth it and we couldn't have been happier with the results of our labours.

The cool, breezy weather over the last couple of months, with rain holding off until the last week or so, allowed us to leave the grapes on the vine for longer to drop the acid levels and reach the ideal sugar levels required for exceptional English Sparkling Wine. Add to this the fantastic position of our vineyard here, with well-drained, rocky soil, and the aspect of the vineyard making us less susceptible to frost. Our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes were perfectly ripe and packed full of flavour, and the yield was our greatest yet. 

Harvest marks for us the culmination of a year's dedicated attention to the vines, the grapes and the management of the canopy which is essential for sustainable high-quality grape production. With that in mind, we will very soon be back in the vineyard pruning over the winter months while the vines are dormant... the work of a winemaker never stops!

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