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Getting Bigger and Better...

Getting Bigger and Better...

We have always said it means a lot to have your support from the very beginning of our journey, and we hope you enjoy sharing in all of the small (and huge) steps and transformations we make along the way. We have a lot of improvements underway at the moment and we’re keen to share these with you.

 We have moved our beloved press “Willma” outside for this Harvest. As the ‘ship’ that sets us on our way for the journey of each year’s grapes, we have given her an honourable christening in her new position with a bottle of our White From White. As you can see, the bottle broke, so hopefully the tradition stays true and this will bring us good luck. We will now have a lovely new flow to the operation, with our grapes being pressed, then the juice being taken straight to the tanks in our new production rooms.


You may have noticed if you’ve visited or driven past recently, we have lots of construction work underway. We are expanding our production area into the middle corridor of the Oast, ready for this year’s harvest. The floor and ceiling are in place in our new ‘corridor’ with lighting now installed and a new roller shutter door at the side of the building.

The arrival of big, shiny new tanks is always an exciting moment that puts a smile on our face with the realisation of the progress we’re making. 3 brand new fermentation and cold stabilisation tanks are now in. This will give us the tank space to create all of our ‘Mereworth’ wine as well as doing some contract winemaking for other vineyards.


Expansion into our new corridor gives us more space for this increased tank capacity, and storage space as we add another vintage to our collection of wines in bottle awaiting disgorgement. It also frees us up more space in the winery for wine tours and tastings, dining and events going forward, which we can’t wait to share with you.

At the moment, we are powering through to have all of the works done in time for our upcoming Harvest which is creeping ever closer thanks to the sunny weather we’ve had for the latter part of September (our prayers to the Sun Gods were answered, although we wouldn’t have minded if it had lasted just a little longer)

It has been a monumental achievement so far, and we can’t wait to see all of the hard work come to fruition. There is plenty of work still to be done so we will keep you updated. Hopefully in not too long we will have the honour of showing you around our transformed winery.

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