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A Glimpse of Veraison

A Glimpse of Veraison

With late frosts, and a classic English "Summer" fluctuating between sunshine and heavy showers, it has been our most difficult year at the vineyard so far. We were blessed with fantastic weather in the lead-up to harvests in 2018-2020, so it may be that we were due a troublesome one. With that said, through immaculate vineyard management, we are hoping this won't have had a detrimental effect on our grapes.


It's great to finally see some flashes of purple as we walk through the vines. Veraison is where the grapes transition from berry growth to berry ripening, most visible on our black Pinot grapes. 


We are running about 3 weeks behind where we were at last year, so we're hoping to be harvesting mid-October. We have our fingers crossed for some glorious sunny weather between now and then to speed the ripening process along.

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