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Ginuary... No Dry January Here

Ginuary... No Dry January Here

January for us is all about making new plans… Rather than bringing in restrictive resolutions and the dreaded Dry January, why not make January about embracing life’s pleasures, focusing on new possibilities, new sources of inspiration and new discoveries to share with friends over the coming year … positive changes.


So we’re starting off with Ginuary – Whether you’re already a gin fan or not, we have 2 very different gins to capture your imagination, and we’d love you to pop up to the winery this January and try one for yourself!


Banish the January blues with a fresh and fruity pink Harvest Gin. Not just for Summer, our Harvest Gin is deliciously smooth and seductively sippable, with the flavours of the strawberries, raspberries and orchard apples grown in the fields around our winery.


Our Oak Aged Gin is not your usual gin. With the finest of oenological oak bringing warming nutty and spicy flavours, with hints of nutmeg and vanilla, this gin is best mixed with a ginger ale to bring out all its smoky flavours, although I enjoy it best sipped neat over ice.


Time to give them a try!

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