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What's Actually In Your Wine?

What's Actually In Your Wine?

With the start of a new year, A lot of you may be thinking about positive changes to make to your lifestyle, whether that be taking part in Veganuary or looking at more sustainable options. Well let me tell you, this absolutely does not have to come at the cost of enjoying life’s luxuries, in particular a well-earned glass of our exquisite sparkling wine to see you through the cold months.


We’re vegan…

If you’re vegan, or if this is something you’re looking to consider as we enter a new year, it’ll please you to know that our wines are completely vegan friendly. You may be thinking, surely all wines are vegan, being made wholly from grapes and their juice, but there can be other additions used in their production. Winemakers often use animal-derived products, such as gelatine or isinglass, as fining agents to clarify the wine. By ensuring gentle pressing and careful handling during the winemaking process, we keep fining and filtration to an absolute minimum, and these processes are often not required at all depending on the vintage. Where fining agents are used, we opt for vegan alternatives, such as vegetable pea protein.


We’re Sustainable

As consumers, we are rightly becoming ever more aware and interested in what goes into our food and drink and how it’s made, as well as the environment being in our thoughts more than ever. We have recently acquired sustainability accreditation for the winery, but we’re not stopping there, always reviewing and looking for ways to improve and reduce our impact on the environment. Our grapes travel just a couple of miles from vineyard to winery where we then transform them into our sumptuous sparkling wines, which are sold from our cellar door shop, or can be drunk in our taproom in view of the very tanks in which they were made - you can’t get much fewer ‘wine miles’ than that!


And Our Wine Surpasses The Taste Test

Most importantly of all, the proof is in the tasting. Whether Veganuary is for you or not, enjoy a world-class sparkling wine simply for what it is, knowing that there has been absolutely no sacrifice to the quality and exquisite taste of our wine in making it accessible for everyone.

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