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Changing preconceptions

Changing preconceptions

We're changing the way we view mead. There's 7000 years of history in this drink - but because of the many ways you can make it, with or without fruits and spices, either still or sparkling, or 4% to 15% we have been able to turn preconceptions on its head. 

This drink is hugely versatile. Because of the way that we make it, it's much more culinary than the other drinks out there. You need to gently cook the ingredients to extract the flavours, bring the must to the right temperature before applying the right yeast to bring out the alcohol. Its a slow and captivating dance of ingredients and conditions to craft the mead we want.

Aprons are therefore the appropriate attire. In part its a nod to the culinary nature of mead making. Afterall over the last 25 years English cuisine has seen a total revolution. We believe the same is about to happen with Mead. 

Of course, Aprons look better when a good-looking cousin helps out...

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