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When the boss comes to visit

When the boss comes to visit

My son, aka The Boss, doesn't expect results. He demands them. So to meet these, we have started to look at a new premises so we can scale up.

As we are based in Mereworth, it seemed only appropriate we should look at a premises that was used for drying out Hops. This afterall was what the area was known for from the middle of the 1800's.

One particular building, prominently placed on the A26, ticked all the right boxes. As if it was meant to be, the farm itself is called Brewers hall, after the 15th century manor house there.

But the Oast house, where they harvested all the hops, had been redundant and unused for nearly 40 years. Built just after the second world war, in my great Grandfathers time, it seemed time for an overhaul. We've just started and hope it will  be ready in November.

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