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The Spirits Of Christmas Present

The Spirits Of Christmas Present

Although winemaking is our passion, we’ve got something for everyone this Christmas. We proudly bring all of our winemaking know-how together in our range of Winemaker’s Spirits.

Winter Warmers…

Now that it’s getting cold outside, you’ll want something to warm you up from the inside, and we have the perfect pair…

Oak Aged Gin…Using time-honoured winemaking techniques, we use the finest toasted oak to bring warming nutty and spicy flavours to our gin, with hints of nutmeg and vanilla. Enjoy sipped neat over ice, or compliment its flavours by mixing with a ginger ale.

Marourde… Our exploration into the history of wine has brought us to this fantastically modern aperitif. We make our own wine, steep it with an abundance of fruits, herbs and botanics to bring you our unique and temptingly aromatic MAROURDE. . Serve it as it comes over ice, or try one of our suggested cocktails.

But for a real taste sensation, we recommend combining the two. If you haven’t tried it before, our very own Mereworth Negroni is super smooth – bitterness, balanced out by a fruity sweetness with deep, smoky flavours from our oak aging.

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