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The Hall Of Fizz

The Hall Of Fizz

Although we make a world-beating sparkling wine right here in Mereworth, it's important to celebrate the great sparkling wines being made all around the world - the trailblazing wines steeped in history which have paved a path for the sparkling wines of today, made by varying methods, and with a fantastic range of grapes, all representative of the region and vineyard the grapes are grown in, and the dedication and passion which has gone into their making. And so, we introduce the Mereworth 'Hall Of Fizz'.


We stock a mixture of different method sparkling drinks, including Traditional Method, like our own wines, Charmat method Prosecco and Lambrusco, non-alcoholic sparkling teas and many more. Each drink has been carefully selected because there is something extremely special about it, and we want to share this with you.


Carefully selected Collection Packs are available on our website, or visit us at the winery to view the full collection.

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