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We thought you might like an update on the progress of our new wines, which are now being put through their final, but vital, winemaking processes. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be riddling and disgorging our 2018 White From White, and our 2019 Sparkling Rosé, ready for release.
Our sparkling wines are made according to the Traditional Method, as in Champagne. These vintages have been bottled with a crown cap for some time now, and have been undergoing their second fermentation in the bottle, where yeast converts sugar into alcohol and CO2, which makes the all-important bubbles. The remaining yeast has then broken down over time and formed a sediment in the wine called ‘lees’ which imparts all-important secondary flavours. It is this depth of complex flavours from the ‘lees’ which gives Traditional Method sparkling wines their distinct quality. 
Although it has played a vital role, this sediment needs to be removed to ensure that the wines hold their clear and crisp colour. Riddling is the first step in removing the ‘lees’, with the very gradual rotation and tilting of the bottles which draws the sediment to the neck of the bottle. The neck of the bottle is then frozen so that the ‘lees’ are trapped in a plug of ice. When the crown cap is removed, the pressure of the dissolved CO2 forces the plug of ice and sediment out of the bottle. This then just leaves the final touches of dosage before resealing the bottle with a cork and wire cage, ready for you to release those bubbles whenever you choose
The time has very nearly come for us to share our new sparkling wines with you… Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when they’re ready!
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