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GIN-credible News...

GIN-credible News...

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2 new Mereworth Gins, which will sit alongside our Marourde Aperitif, completing our range of winemakers spirits.


We wanted to create spirits which echo our work as winemakers and the time-honoured techniques this encompasses, as well as the importance we place on the land that surrounds our vineyards and winery here in Kent. It’s extremely exciting to now be sharing with you our new gins, which do just that.


Our fruity, pink Harvest Gin, made in recognition of the jubilance of Harvest time, uses the fruits and botanicals that grow in the fields surrounding the winery, including home-grown strawberries, raspberries, orchard apples and meadow flowers.


Our Oak Aged Gin brings an English vintner’s touch to a timeless spirit, using some of the finest winemakers oak, which imparts nutty, spicy and citrus flavours to our amber-gold gin. Delectably smooth, with hints of nutmeg and vanilla, and a long finish of warming spices. Perfect mixed with a ginger ale.

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